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We have medical thrillers to excite both young and old, while still being clean reads. Having trouble keeping yourself, or your teenager excited about reading and thinking? Have some fun doing both!

A young adult medical thriller.

Mario Loomis

Seventeen-year-old, Noah Bolton, is having the time of his life. His job at the biotech giant, Pridapt Incorporated, has not only earned him a college scholarship and the admiration of his peers, it has also gained him the eye of Zoe Halpern, the most popular girl at school.

But, behind the perks, Noah discovers a disturbing pattern of secrecy. There is a cover-up of side-effects from the company’s latest miracle drug, and hidden research in the restricted East Wing laboratory, where something monstrous crawls in the dark. Will Noah simply look the other way, or will he risk his status, his future, and even his life to bring the truth to light?

Author and surgeon, Dr. Mario Loomis, has performed thousands of surgical procedures, laboratory microsurgery, and adult stem cell research. Drawing on his medical background, he delivers an intriguing read addressing ethics, integrity, and the nature of humanity, all in an engaging thriller that will keep readers, young and old, hooked.

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Essence  Assault On the Mind

Mario Loomis

With over a million downloads, eTelepathy is the most popular app of the year.  Using technology designed to help quadriplegics communicate, it creates a wireless interface between a person’s brain and their smartphone.  But once downloaded, it also allows for ongoing subliminal influences from the app’s creator, even when not in use.  EssenceRacing to halt the onset of widespread thought control, FBI agent John Rocco finds that bringing in this perpetrator will be more challenging than he could imagine.  From string theory physics and hidden dimensions to premonitions and near-death experiences, he will need to understand the transcendent nature of the mind in order to stop the imminent corruption of free thought in millions.

Essence Assault On the Mind is a fast-paced medical thriller that explores the essence of good and evil, and of faith.

At times, the line between science and metaphysics is blurred in this novel, all the better to have a perspective from which to examine the relationship between the two. Does morality reflect the will of God, or is it a by-product of evolution? Is there absolute right and wrong, or does it depend solely on those who have the power to decide? Is Atheism a scientific conclusion, or a religion unto itself? Sincere, intelligent individuals can and do arrive at different answers to these questions, but to even begin to address them adequately, we all need to think for ourselves, something we too often neglect to do.

Polarizing news reports and propaganda are today’s surreptitious forms of thought control. There is more before us than meets the eye. If you are willing, resist the barrage of thought manipulation, consider unseen realities, and let FBI agent, John Rocco, lead you on a thrilling ride into the hidden dimensions of the mind and soul of Man.

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