Essence, Assault on the Mind

Essence Assault On the Mind, Mario Loomis, MD, 2017, In Vivo Press. Second edition.

What if your phone could read your mind? A new app, eTelepathy, seems to do just that by creating a wireless interface between your brain and your phone. The app’s creator, Dr. Karl Hoffman, uses this connection for widespread thought control with the intention of wielding power and influence on a worldwide scale. After the suspicious death of the doctor’s colleague, an investigating FBI team will face telepathic assaults, hallucinations, near-death experiences, and more in this fast-paced paranormal thriller that explores the essence of good and evil, and of faith.

At times, the line between science and metaphysics is blurred in this novel, all the better to have a perspective from which to examine the relationship between the two. Does morality reflect the will of God, or is it a by-product of evolution? Is there absolute right and wrong, or does it depend solely on those who have the power to decide? Is Atheism a scientific conclusion, or a religion unto itself? Sincere, intelligent individuals can and do arrive at different answers to these questions, but to even begin to address them adequately, we all need to think for ourselves, something we too often neglect to do.

Polarizing news reports and propaganda are today’s surreptitious forms of thought control. There is more before us than meets the eye. If you are willing, resist the barrage of thought manipulation, consider unseen realities, and let FBI agent, John Rocco, lead you on a thrilling ride into the hidden dimensions of the mind and soul of Man.

AVAILABLE NOW! on Amazon in Paperback and eBook versions.

–”The first in what I hope will be a John Rocco series”
Review on Amazon:

Based on the cover art alone, I prepared for “Assault on the Mind” to be a Matrix-like mix of science fiction, psychological thriller, and dark action. And while there were elements of all of those things, here is a book that, while highly readable, appeals strongly to the intellect. And eventually, the heart.

This even-paced first novel is a character-driven exploration of the mind, humanity, religion, and ultimately, love. Loomis’ writing shines in its clarity (I now understand string theory), in his treatment of main characters, and in particular, his ability to set a scene. Whether in the bare concrete confines of a warehouse, a dim chapel with a friar praying in it, or the lush forests of Nicaragua, he takes you there.

I would have liked a deeper understanding into the villain Hoffman’s backstory – more about his motivations and the intricacies of eTelepathy. But what I really would like, and where I could see this going, is a series of books featuring John Rocco.

In Rocco he’s created a strong and sympathetic protagonist. There’s a backstory that could be mined in future novels. His relationship with Clare wants to go places that I’d be eager to read about! Might this be the first in a series of Rocco novels? This reader certainly hopes so!

Well worth the read.

–Loomis does a wonderful job
Amazon review:

When I first got into this book, I was a little nervous that some of the topics would be over my head. However, Dr. Loomis does a wonderful job of explaining different elements where appropriate, and at a level that any reader will be able to understand!

Everything in this novel flowed so well, and the continuous action did a great job of keeping my blood pressure just slightly above normal. Though it would have been nice to have a bit more of a backstory on Hoffman, the characters were still very well developed. Dr. Loomis did a great job of portraying Rocco’s journey and continuing character development throughout the novel, and I am so excited to see where the next book takes him!

–Genuine Original
Amazon Review:
A taut suspense thriller following engaging characters through a story of mass mind control. Essence touches on fascinating concepts like mind spirit, body connections while keeping the plot moving. A truly original book, something I am not able to say very often. Hoping Dr. Loomis makes this into a series.
–This book is addictive to say the least!
Amazon Review:
This book is addictive to say the least ! I could not put it down. I gave it to my wife when I was done and she got hooked too ! She and I both want more. Dr. Loomis is so talented. We can’t wait for the next book .
–Fantastic well-written novel
Young reader review on Amazon:
This is a fantastic, thrilling book full of excitement, science, and even some medical information. Essence, Assault on the Mind has intriguing, well-developed characters. I love Rocco and the rest of his friends. I would highly recommend this action-packed book!

For the first time, he understood what Dr. Silverman had been so afraid of–the terrible consequences of mind control, the loss of free thought…If they didn’t stop this, the unthinkable would happen here, not through some bloody revolution, but silently, surreptitiously infiltrating the country under the guise of freedom, until the control ran so deep, it would be impossible to get out from under it. It would be like being killed in your sleep.

AVAILABLE NOW! on Amazon eBook and paperback.

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