Essence character: John Rocco, FBI agent

We struggle to solve crimes in the name of justice.  Yet from the get-go, we’ve already failed.  There’s not a single case that I’ve worked over the years where I’ve gotten there in time.  We’re always there after the fact, picking up the pieces–failures in the face of evil.  Yes, we put away the perp and prevent his next crime, but what about his last crime?  There’s no sentence that can bring back the dead.  Where’s the justice then?  So many victims…People say let it go and move on, but how, or better yet, why?  Why let it go?  It’s righteous anger, after all.  Better to rage against injustice than to overlook it.  It’s my anger that keeps me sane and focused.  It may make me stubborn and bullheaded, but that too keeps me focused, keeps me alive.  If it weren’t for my anger, the memory of all those victims would consume me.

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