Essence character: Dr. Paul Lejour, vascular surgeon

We know time is relative, Einstein demonstrated that in his theory of Special Relativity.  It varies, depending on the observer’s point of view.  Certainly the point of view from another dimension allows for a great deal of variability.  One moment there could encompass many moments here.  In other words, when united to that other dimension through the natural order, our minds can gain understanding of an entire segment of time: not only the present moment, but also the events leading up to it and the consequences that will follow it.  It can give us short fast-forward clips of the future, insights that we would experience as premonitions.  I’m sure you’ve had them–times of deja vu, thoughts popping into you head, an uneasy feeling that something bad was going to happen, then it did–these events are quite common, though most often overlooked.  The more focused you are about uniting yourself with the natural order, the clearer and more frequent your insights will become.

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