Primordium: a young adult thriller

This young adult thriller may be just the thing to revive your distracted teenager’s passion for reading and learning. Seventeen-year-old, Noah Bolton, is having the time of his life. His job at the biotech giant, Pridapt Incorporated, has not only earned him a college scholarship and the admiration of his peers, it has also gained him the eye of Zoe Halpern, the most popular girl at school. When he discovers that his company has been keeping a human monster hidden in the restricted East Wing of the research facility, he is willing to look the other way. But when he further learns that the company’s revolutionary cancer vaccine was derived from this monster, and that there has been a cover-up of side effects and murder, he must then decide whether to risk his personal interests and even his life to come forward with the truth, or stand by as millions are injected with this monster’s DNA.

Author and surgeon, Dr. Mario Loomis, has performed thousands of surgical procedures, laboratory microsurgery, and adult stem cell research. Drawing on his medical background, he delivers an engaging young adult thriller that will leave readers, young and old, wondering what it is to be human, and what to be a monster.

Available soon on Amazon in paperback and ebook .

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