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Hardcover copies of Essence, Assault on the Mind, signed by the author, are available on Amazon for $19.95.  Email us with the name you would like the inscription addressed to.

EssenceEssence Assault On the Mind, Mario Loomis, MD, 2016, In Vivo Press.

For the first time, he understood what Dr. Silverman had been so afraid of–the terrible consequences of mind control, the loss of free thought…If they didn’t stop this, the unthinkable would happen here, not through some bloody revolution, but silently, surreptitiously infiltrating the country under the guise of freedom, until the control ran so deep, it would be impossible to get out from under it. It would be like being killed in your sleep.

EssenceWith over a million downloads, eTelepathy is the most popular app of the year.  Using technology designed to help quadriplegics communicate, it creates a wireless interface between a person’s brain and their smartphone.  But once downloaded, it also allows for ongoing subliminal influences from the app’s creator, even when not in use.  Racing to halt the onset of widespread thought control, FBI agent John Rocco finds that bringing in this perpetrator will be more challenging than he could imagine.  From string theory physics and hidden dimensions to premonitions and near-death experiences, he will need to understand the transcendent nature of the mind in order to stop the imminent corruption of free thought in millions.

An engaging smart thriller, Essence brings complex scientific and philosophical concepts to life.  Through a gripping conflict between good and evil, the reader is drawn into Einstein’s theory of relativity, hidden dimensions, string theory physics, mind-brain dualism, the reality of the soul, and the nature of free will.  Following the protagonist’s journey from cynical bitterness to trusting love, the reader sees the possibility of certitude regarding faith, through an understanding of the order and beauty underlying all things.

eBook: $4.99 on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble

Hardcover signed by the author: $19.95 on Amazon

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